Welcome to our site!

We invite you to join us on Thursdays and Wednesdays for our live-jamsessions. We’re sure you’ll enjoy them, either by listening, dancing, or by participating as a musician.

We’ve been doin’ this for almost fifteen years, in the heart of the city of Groningen in the North of the Netherlands. To be more precise: in our favorite bar “cafe de Zolder“.

Although we started out as a blues-oriented jam on Thursdays, there’s also room for other genres. Not so long ago, we started a jazz oriented jamsession on Wednesdays, where the evening is led in each week by a different combo of musicians or a fullfledged jazz-band. Afterwards there’s time for partipicipation and improvisation.

As Jimi said: “It’s all freedom baby…”

Instruments and the back-line are provided by us, although it’s never wrong to bring your own instrument, as you know your own equipment best!

We start the evenings at about nine-ish.

Zolderjams; jammin’ at Cafe de Zolder in Groningen.

“Great place where many a foundation has been laid for cherished memories; deemed an ‘essential’ place to visit, at least once a week, during my studies in Groningen!”

Chris P.


Zolderjams is made up by a collective of enthusiast musicians who together shape an ever evolving jam-session on Wednesdays and Thursdays. As an extension to the venue, we strive to get you connected and keep you informed by means of this website.

There will be an archive with recordings spanning years, which will be accessible after registration and a small donation/fee. The live-recording of the jam-session can be watched at our channel live-view of the Zolderjams on LiveGiggy.com.

Do check out our other ways of contributing and participation!


If you’d like to reach out to us, you can always reach us by mail: [email protected]

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